Saturday, April 30, 2016

Systems Saturday - Castles of Mad King Ludwig (2014)

I didn't get to play the full game this time because something came up but I've played Castles of Mad King Ludwig (2014) a few times before and always enjoyed it.  Laura and Al stopped out for a Lake Geneva Games gameday and were part of a tight crowd of players that put game after game on the front table that day.  When I had to step away, I made sure another player took my place so the game could continue.  I hate when it happens but sometimes the choice isn't in your control.  I'm glad a spare player was nearby and willing to jump in.

The description from Board Game Geek is as follows:
In the tile-laying game Castles of Mad King Ludwig, players are tasked with building an amazing, extravagant castle for King Ludwig II of room at a time. You see, the King loves castles, having built Neuschwanstein (the castle that inspired the Disney theme park castles) and others, but now he's commissioned you to build the biggest, best castle ever — subject, of course, to his ever-changing whims. Each player acts as a building contractor who is adding rooms to the castle he's building while also selling his services to other players.
In the game, each player starts with a simple foyer. One player takes on the role of the Master Builder, and that player sets prices for a set of rooms that can be purchased by the other players, with him getting to pick from the leftovers after the other players have paid him for their rooms. When a room is added to a castle, the player who built it gains castle points based on the size and type of room constructed, as well as bonus points based on the location of the room. When a room is completed, with all entranceways leading to other rooms in the castle, the player receives one of seven special rewards.
After each purchasing round, a new player becomes the Master Builder who sets prices for a new set of rooms. After several rounds, the game ends, then additional points are awarded for achieving bonus goals, having the most popular rooms, and being the most responsive to the King's demands, which change each game. Whoever ends up with the most castle points wins.

I love how this game is constantly shifting during play and how one can change their strategy and fate by picking up additional bonus goals.  Plus, it's just damned fun building a rambling castle.  Truly, a fun game!

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