Monday, April 11, 2016

Minis & Modeling Monday - Prepaints, Compatibility, & Enterprise

Over on, they give a full look at the prepainted plastic minis in the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie line including many of the classics and some inserted because of the Curse of Strahd adventure currently in play: Faerie Dragon (001), Imp (002), Will-O'-Wisps (003), Giant Fire Beetle (004), Jarhild Stoneforge (005), Larethar Gulgrin (006), Spectre (007), Strahd Zombie (008), Wolf (009), Mummy (010), Dryad (011), Skeleton (012), Orc (013), Mimic (014), Satyr (015), Githyanki Warrior (016), Merfolk (017), Medusa (018), Ghost (019), Werewolf (020), Bryn Lightfingers (021), Hommet Shaw (022), Vampire (023), Illydia Maethellyn (024), Displacer Beast (025), Swarm Of Bats (026), Unicorn (027), Phase Spider (028), Yeti (029), Gelatinous Cube (030), Centaur (031), Bulette (032), Invisible Stalker (033), Erinyes (034), Lich (035), Rakshasa (036), Succubus (037), Death Knight (038), Ezmerelda D'avenir (039), Strahd von Zarovich (040), Manticore (041), Umberhulk  (042), Minotaur  (043), Young Rhemoraz  (044), Invisible Faerie Dragon (001), Invisible Jarhild Stoneforge (005), Invisible Larethar Gulgrin (006), Invisible Bryn Lightfingers (021), Invisible Hommet Shaw (022), Invisible Illydia Maethellyn (024), Invisible Displacer Beast (025), Invisible Phase Spider (028), Invisible Ezmerelda D'avenir (039), Invisible Strahd Von Zarovich (040), and a Treant (055)  Have a look here.

Also, on, they have a nifty Paint Range Compatibility Chart here.  Note that the Coat d'Arms match the OLD citadel colours so there might be some difference. Shining gold has the most noticeable difference,  Personally, I tend to use Vallejo more than anything else but have used many of these and find them all to be of good quality.  However, I am also the guy who will use less expansive craft paints from Michael's for cheap plastic minis and large pieces of terrain.  I also will stop by a hardware store or paint shop and see if they have inexpensive prices on gallons and quarts of latex paints that have been mis-tinted.  Anything in green and tan, and also black, will go a long way to saving money on a large terrain project and provides a good seal or undercoat.  But this day of blogging is for minis and models, so let's get back to that!

Finally, on they feature videos so we can "Watch the Smithsonian take apart the original Star Trek Enterprise" here.  These is quite a piece of work and its wonderful to get so close to it in the videos.  It was obviously built with a lot of loving care.

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