Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Sunday Miscellanea - Sound Hexes, Shadowrun Laptop, & 3D Carcassonne

Over on, they introduce us to wall-covering hexes that have "heat-insulating, heat retaining and sound-absorbing properties, and are made from an environmentally-friendly material."  They'd also make great walls for a game room or might even be usable on the table top.  Learn more here and check out the full range of colors from Baux here.

Also, on, they have a "Portable PC Inspired By Shadowrun's Cyberdecks" here.

Finally, on, they feature some "3D Printed Carcassonne Board Game Tiles" here.

Essentially, a clearinghouse for topics on
not covered elsewhere or wanting a particular focus.
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Systems Saturday - Novice Tips, GM Advice, & Hit Point Primer

Over on, they share "Basic Tips for a Novice Dungeon Master" here.

Also, on, he asks "What Surprising Thing Does a Dungeon Need?"  Find out here.

Finally, on Merric's Musings, he has "A Primer on Hit Points and Healing in the new Dungeons & Dragons" here.

A look under the hood of various Games, Rules and Systems.
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Friday, July 31, 2015

Tabletopper Friday - Dragon Kings, Kingsburg, & Rattlebones

Over on the GMSMagazine YouTube Channel, a recent upload reviews the Kickstartered Dragon Kings.  Enjoy!

Also, on The Dice Tower YouTube Channel, there is a new Kingsburg (2007) Review with Sam Healey.  Watch and learn.

Finally, on the boardgamegeektv YouTube Channel, the GameNight! plays Rattlesbones (2014).  Have fun!

Mostly about card games and board games,
unless they have a decidedly wargamey feel.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nostalgia Thursday - Labyrinth, Cyberpunk, & Keep on the Borderlands

Over on, they tell us a "Board game based on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth announced."  Find out more here.

Also, on, you've been warned that "Your cyberpunk games are dangerous" here.

Finally, on thedungeondelver YouTube channel, a video earlier this year expounds on his "Keep on the Borderlands Memories." Enjoy!

Focusing on the roots of current tabletop gaming
with an eye toward the last century and before.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wargaming Wednesday - Conquest of Paradise, Stalingrad, & Lion Rampant Day II

Over on Merric's Musings, he has a recent article about his views on Conquest of Paradise (2007) from GMT Games.  Find out what he thought here.

Also, on Booze & Board Games, They take a closer look at Avalon Hill's Stalingrad (1963).  Learn more here.

Finally, on, they herald an upcoming event called "Lion Rampant Day II" which you can check out here.

A closer examination of board and miniatures Wargaming.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Terrain Tuesday - Pop-out Steps, Paper Models, & Secret Doors

Over on, they have a free download of some Pop-out Steps.  Grab them here and check out all the other cool stuff on the site!

Also, on EN World, there's a four year old thread that was collecting Paper Models stories and pictures, so see what inspires you toward your next project here.

Finally, on the Wyloch's Crafting Vids YouTube channel, not long back he made a video showing his method of making Secret Doors.  Enjoy!

For purposes here, the term Terrain is used broadly
to cover 3D and 2D maps, foam, felt, and such.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Minis & Modeling Monday - Dry Mud, Miniature Rope, & Foam Ship Build

Over on the SolventAbuseUk YouTube channel, they show us "How To do Dry Mud on vehicles."  Nifty!

Also, on the Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic YouTube channel, he got a method for "How to Make Miniature Rope, Cable & Chain."  Watch and learn!

Finally, on the DnD5eTV YouTube channel, check out the "Polystyrene Foam Ship Build."  Enjoy!

A look at prepping and painting Miniatures,
crafting buildings and paper Models,
and other non-terrain stuff for the tabletop.
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