Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Terrain Tuesday - Caverns & Classics

Here's a quick note about some upcoming website adjustments for the CMG Blog Triad that will manifest in March.  I've often felt that having some types of cartography on Terrain Tuesday on MFWARS.com was shoehorning.  While I feel battlemats, battlemaps, and the like work well for this category, because they are essentially two-dimensional terrain, larger scale maps and cartography are going to move starting in March to the Grymvald.com corner of the CMG Blog Triad appearing on what will be dubbed as Mapping Monday.  They fit better with the setting-oriented blogging for Grymvald.com.  This will replace the old Monday blog on Grymvald.com known as RPG Media Monday which will in turn move to the CreativeMountainGames.com Monday blog slot.  That will replace Media News Monday, since I have often felt that news there was not very timely.  What I had posted there either had been widespread news by the time it was posted or would work well enough under the heading of RPG Media Monday.  I hope these adjustments don't throw anyone for a loop.  I feel they will work better going forward. 
Thanks! - Mark CMG
Meanwhile, over on dakkadakka.com, have a look at the cavern created by superscenic here.

Also, on downunderdm.blogspot.com.au, check out the fully operational 3D Tomb of Horrors here.

Finally, on the Defjeff01 YouTube channel, he's got a "Steading of the Hill Giant Chief -- fully mapped scale model with interior."  Enjoy!

For purposes here, the term Terrain is used broadly
to cover 3D and 2D maps, foam, felt, and such.
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