Monday, November 2, 2015

Minis & Modeling Monday - True Heroes, True Legends, & Scrolls and Books

If you don't mind going with a non-standard size for minis, like 54 mm, you can get quite a deal on a lot of standard figures in cheap plastic by the bucket.  These can be particularly useful for floor games and introductory wargames for youngsters.  One example is the "True Heroes Medieval Bucket" which can be found here.

Also, check out the "True Legends Mythical Warrior Bucket Playset" here.

Finally, on the Wyloch's Crafting Vids YouTube channel, have a look at "021 - Scrolls and Books."  Enjoy!

A look at prepping and painting Miniatures,
crafting buildings and paper Models,
and other non-terrain stuff for the tabletop.
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