Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wargaming Wednesday - Water Table at Nexus Game Fair

One of the highlights at the Nexus Game Fair was a wargaming water table.  This setup held actual water for naval wargaming battles.  Glenn Domingo who ran the event with his self-published rules, OTTOMH: Ancient Galley-Warfare, has set up his water table at a number of conventions and I don't doubt it will become a staple at many of them.  It was about an inch deep and a thick plastic sheet was held in place by large clamps and vices.  I helped break it down when they were done for the day and the construction was fairly straightforward.  My apologies for not getting more photos and the slight fuzziness of the ones I have.

The ships were held in place, as I recall, by two pics which pointed downward.  A base sat on the bottom of the water which had a magnet in it, attracting the ship and keeping them from floating away but allowing them to bob with the undulations of the water.  A nifty system.

I've seen a lot of wargaming setups, even many sand tables, but this was the first water table I had seen and I hope to get in a game on one someday.

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