Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wargaming Wednesday - Wargaming on a Budget by Iain Dickie (Book, 2010)

I recently picked up a copy of Wargaming on a Budget by Iain Dickie on one of my Half Price Books forays.  I often snag the gaming books from the UK when I see them in HPB and have found some real gems here and there.  The reviews I spotted on Amazon about this book left me wondering if it was worthwhile, as they generally suggested the advice within was either outdated or not detailed enough for anyone who wasn't just starting out in the hobby.  But at the six dollar price I was going to pay, I felt it was a risk I could take.  It's very rare not to come across a new way to look at problems or find more elegant solutions and approaches to hobby gaming even in the most basic book.  As I work through it, I'll be sure to pass on any new advice or innovations I encounter.  It can be checked out on Amazon here, although the copy I have has a different cover as seen below.

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