Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nostalgia Thursday - Games from Brian

It's no secret that I've been gaming for 40+ years and have great affection for many of the games of Avalon Hill, SPI, and others from decades past.  Recently, my friend Brian was kind enough to pass on a copy of a game that, while it is just slightly over a decade old, has become one of the classics in boardgaming.  Many are familiar with it, Puerto Rico (2002).  It's a fairly simple game, some would put it in the gateway games category, and I'd agree.  Even more nostalgia-worthy, Brian also passed along two other games to me called Medici (1995) and El Grande (1995).  I was familiar with the first, though I haven't played it before, but the second was one I did not know even by name.  I look forward to trying out each.  If you know them and plan to be in the area, let me know and we'll give them a go sometime.

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