Friday, July 11, 2014

Tabletopper Friday - Gamenight Istanbul on Board Game Geek TV

The  Board Game Geek TV YouTube channel has a regular feature called Gamenight that is well into its second season.  In this latest installment, the gang explores Istanbul (2014).  This is a game from earlier this year and which has received very high early marks.  These are long-form videos which include the group learning the game, as you do, and then playing the game.  This video is an hour and a half long, so check some of it out, bookmark it (like and subscribe for them too!), and save it for later if needs be. I tend to watch training videos just before I have scheduled learning a new game at a gameday or the like, so it is always nice to have well-made tutorials available, and this one leaves no stone unturned.  Enjoy!

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