Friday, July 4, 2014

Tabletopper Friday - Vikings: Warriors of the North

Last Friday, at the weekly Culver's group, my friend Wendy brought along Vikings: Warriors of the North which she picked up at the Nexus Game Fair for a nice discount.  The rules with pictures of all the components have been made available online here.  I very much enjoyed this game.  I will repeat that this is a very fun game.  However, it seems like it suffers from not needing to be in so big a box.  This was probably padded a bit in its size and still didn't need to be in a big box.

I feel the game board might have been replaced by some cards which could be arranged to make the board then the whole thing could easily have fit in a Munchkin/Zombies!!!-sized box.  Better still, replace the physical components and player mats, as well, with counters and a few more cards and fit it all in a double-deck card box for increased portability.  If this were the case, I would have this with me at all times, alongside Love Letter, as games to play and re-play whenever there was an hour or so to kill with some gamer friends.

Very fun game!

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