Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wargaming Wednesday - Warhammer Siege & Hot Wire Foam Factory Extras

I made a little trip over to the Milwaukee area yesterday, first and foremost to see a double feature of Lucy and Hercules 3D, both of which I recommend despite the obvious scientific falsehood in the former and, perhaps, because of the lightheartedness of the latter.  In any event, when I was finished with my afternoon of film-going, I decided I that since I was already in the area, I would check out the three Half Price Books in the area.  While doing so, I made a couple of additional stops at The Board Game Barrister and Greenfield News & Hobby, both just up the street from the first HPB stop.  I'll blog more about this trip and share lots of photos on Facebook and Google Plus soon.

The reason I bring this up on Wargaming Wednesday is because of a few things I found at a couple of the stops.  The first was a copy of the Supplement, Warhammer Siege.  They want $6.99 and a quick eBay search and an Amazon check let me know that was a more than reasonable price.  Honestly, I'm a bit of a sucker for the color photos and instructions on building and painting that come with most WH books, so even if that had been an average or slightly high price, I might have grabbed it.

Also, while heading between locations, I spotted the aforementioned Greenfield News & Hobby.  They're primarily a model and train, and RC, store but have lots of crafts and magazines and other goods.  In the center of the store are a couple of discount tables on which I found some Hot Wire Foam Factory goodies.  I've got many of the tools and use them from time to time but never had any of the instructional videos.  They can be found online but it often irked me that the tools didn't include such things or that they weren't made free online somewhere by the company, so I eschewed them.  Nevertheless, when confronted with a couple of copies of the instructional DVD for $10, another of the same in VHS format $5, a DVD of the Foam Coat Systems: The Basics for $3, and an A/C Power for $5, I snagged some of them, leaving one of the instructional DVDs and the VHS tape for others to pick up should they so choose.  We'll see if the watching of these inspire new projects for me.

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