Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Terrain Tuesday - Terrain Tips 2013

Sometimes it helps to look back a few years at earlier terrain videos from the folks who put out the great videos who have helped us over the years.  Dream Spirit Wargaming drops a handful of videos on us from time to time and back in 2013 they shared "Tools of the Trade: How to texture a gaming surface."  Enjoy!

Also, Tinker Terrain has been quiet lately but they got some great videos to watch including this "Pink Foam Tutorial for Wargaming Terrain and Scratch Build Models."  Check it out!

Finally, few folks produce as many tutorials as Mike from TerranScapes, and they are all excellent and well worth the time for all the detail included.  Have a look at this gem from 2013 titled "TerranScapes - Q&A #7 - Wargame Terrain Tips."

For purposes here, the term Terrain is used broadly
to cover 3D and 2D maps, foam, felt, and such.
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