Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wargaming Wednesday - Glass Chess Set

I've mentioned before that I am looking to eventually pick up a set of chess playing pieces but I have found something extremely affordable to tide me over.  Recently, when stopping in a Goodwill Store to check for gaming and book bargains, I stumbled across a glass chess set for two dollars.  I've seen these before but had ignored them yet this time I looked more closely.  It was complete and intact, so I grabbed it and brought it home, setting it up on top of the board I already have, since it fits.  This isn't the set I plan to get eventually but it is something for the time being to have handy.

Although some sets of glass chess pieces can run $50 or more like here on Amazon.

A quick eBay search shows sets similar to the one I picked up running less than ten bucks apiece here.

A closer examination of board and miniatures Wargaming.
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