Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Terrain Tuesday - Tabletop Workshop Show (DK)

There is a YouTube channel for Tabletop Workshop that seems utterly unrelated to the UK Tabletop Workshop (Enigma Design Studios).  The latter may or may not be defunct but they made wonderful hard plastic buildings and terrain.  The former is the effort of a German-speaking hobbyist whose sense of humor comes across even with the language barrier.  My own limited remembrances of High School-learned German does little for me in this context since none of what happens in the videos I have watched take place in a Bibliothek nor involve going to the water closet.  As evidence, check out what I take to be the channel's origin story.

After stumbling across the channel and being able to see it was a fellow crafter making buildings for tabletop games in 28 mm scale, I figured I would watch that first video above.  That convinced me that I should see if I could follow one of the regular videos with actual crafting, so I watched the second on making a Dark Age Hut.

Well, since the second video ever made was the first of two parts, I felt compelled to watch the third video, part two of the Dark Age Hut build.  I gained enough from it to watch more and will keep up with any new videos as well, and perhaps brush up on my German while I am at it!

For purposes here, the term Terrain is used broadlyto cover
3D tabletop pieces made from foam, felt, and other materials.
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