Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Sunday Miscellanea - Easy Roller Dice

A recently got hold of a few items from the Easy Roller Dice Company and I am very impressed with their wares.  With Father's Day right around the corner, I have to say that any of their offerings would make fine gifts for the Gamer-Dads you might happen to know.  The first of the three items I am featuring in this blog post is the "Wyvern Reversible Microfiber Self-Standing Large Dice Bag" which can be purchased here.  It's a thick, reversible dice bag that should hold up well to all sorts of gamer usage.  I love the wyvern logo which comes on both the interior and exterior of the bag so that it appears no matter which side I choose to have outward.  I'm also fond of the fact that it is self-standing, something I haven't had in past dice bags, and allows me to sift through my dice without having to dump them all over the table.  This bag is definitely a winner.

Also, I got to check out the "Blue Ice 7 Piece Dice Set With Carrying Bag."  This is one of a wide array of poly dice sets they have available and they are beautiful  I've seen some patterned dice in the past where the coloration made the numbers difficult to read or, perhaps, numbers might be too small on some other dice, but this is not the case with these.  They are easy to read, seem well-balanced, and look wonderful.  And the price is right on these, plus they throw in that nifty dice bag, here.

Finally, check out the "Legendary Copper Metal Dice Set" here.  These are some weighty, fine-looking dice and come in a very cool (gift?) box.  I knew as soon as I picked these up I had something in my hand that I would love to be able to chuck into my dice tray.  Well done on all three of these offerings, Easy Roller team!

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