Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Terrain Tuesday - Acrylic Water

Over on Facebook, Mike McGannon mentioned recently that he was utilizing "Quick Water," an acrylic water product in their terrain making as a cheaper alternative to products made specifically for the hobby model industry.  I did a quick bit of research to discover some pricing and found that the below, pictured, prices are available to Prime members through Amazon.  That $11.60 for a package with two 6-ounce bottles for Quick Water from Garden Splendor, $6.62 for two 4-ounce bottles in the FloraCraft Floral Accessories Acrylic Water Kit, and $7.88 for a single 12-ounce bottle of the Craft Water Floral and Craft Simulated Water Resin Kit.  I also included the "reusable" Panacea Water Gel Reusable Simulated Water Setting, Medium, Crystal Clear (just because I thought it was interesting), which is a single 7-ounce bottle for $12.06 at Amazon.  If you don't have a Prime account, check the other sellers including local craft stores (where coupons are available) for the best pricing.

It was the contention of the Facebook poster that a substantial saving could be made given how much of this type of product was needed.  However, a quick comparison on Amazon shows that a single 16-ounce bottle of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water is available at $20.70 from Horizon Hobby with some other places comparable for those without a Prime membership.  I haven't tried the above products but it looks like the one sold specifically for our hobby model crafting is is in the ballpark or better than most off-brand contenders if bought in the higher volume bottle.  That seems like the way to go if you've got a handful of modular river pieces to craft.

Just to be complete, I should mention that a kit with three products is available from Vallejo.  It includes a single 6.75-ounce bottle of Still Water but also a container of Water Effects and a dropper of Foam Snow for $22.37 and this is not fulfilled by Amazon, so there is no Prime deal to be had for free shipping as above.  A video on the Scale War Machines YouTube channel, shows how to use this product, including tinting it for dioramas and terrain applications.  Enjoy!

For purposes here, the term Terrain is used broadly
to cover 3D and 2D maps, foam, felt, and such.
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