Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wargaming Wednesday - Divine Right (1979) @ Gary Con VII

We managed, once again, to schedule a game of Divine Right (1979) at Gary Con VII this year for Friday, all day (10 am until 5/6 pm slot).  It's not a game to take lightly but we definitely could move a bit faster (all of us) if we played more than once a year.  As it is, it's a time consuming game that makes it difficult to get games in at other times, so we all brush up on the rules before Gary Con and do a bit of thumbing through the rules for the first couple hours of the slot then checking a thing or two for the remainder.  We don't mind, as it is a fun game and good company.  We enjoy the game and we all have fun playing.

Divine Right stands out as one of the earliest and most popular fantasy wargames, largely because it was produced by TSR during their early, first wave of success with AD&D's first edition.  Some definite tips for staying competitive in this game are to secure a couple of non-player allies early and then gain as many barbarian troops as possible, moving them against opponents swiftly to keep foes from gaining too much ground.

This game is a treat to play each year and I thank John Appel for running it, and Steve, Kiff, Leo, and Jason for also playing this year.  Great fun!

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