Friday, May 8, 2015

Tabletopper Friday - But Wait There's More, Dread, & Dominion: Adventures

Over on TheBoardGameFamily YouTube channel, there is a "Party Game Review [of] But Wait There's More."  Looks fun.

Also, from the Board Game Geek YouTube channel, the GameNight! crew check out "Dominion: Adventures (2105)."  Wait!  Where's Aaron, again?  Rusty filled in for him last week and this week Rich Sommer (of Mad Men fame as Harry Crane and recurring on Elementary as Harlan Emple).  I must say, I was a bit disenchanted with the Hedbanz (1991) puppet episode at the beginning of the season but was fine enough with Aaron taking the game-teaching helm for Pandemic: The Cure (2014) in episode two.  However, I think they are missing an opportunity.  Got someone who wants to be a guest?  Then play a five player game of something.  Short handed?  Play something best suited to three players.  Just a thought, enjoy the episode.

Finally, from the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel, Wil Wheaton is joined by Laura Bailey, Molly Lewis, and Ivan Van Norman to play Dread (2010).  Enjoy!

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