Monday, September 26, 2011

Wargames Factory

I've mentioned Wargames Factory in passing before but thought it might be nice to revisit them in their own blog post.  Everytime I've looked their way for figures, I've been impressed both with the quality of the sculpts and the prices.  Recently I was rethinking a new army idea for Hordes of the Things, a Viking army idea, and turned toward their Hammer of the Gods line for some major filling out of the troops.  For my purposes, I can not only use their armored and unarmored Vikings, but can press some of their Saxon figures into service.  With 32 figures in each set for just $19.95, you get more than enough with just a couple or few sets to build the main portions of your army.  Sure, they need to be built but that just means more variety in the poses.  Here's some pics from their site but check them out more extensively on your own when time permits,

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