Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Microsoft Surface Version Two

The Microsoft Surface is improving by leaps and bounds with their new partnership with Samsung. According to the latest Gizmodo.com article, some of the changes include a 40-inch, rather than a 30-inch, screen and the "five cameras  set up to capture the reflections of infrared light cast by fingertips and specially tagged items and devices" have been replaced by Pixelsense, "transistors that can see in the infrared spectrum and embedded them right into the pixels within an LCD panel."  This lowers the physical depth needed by the devide from nine inches to less than half that.  Although originally designed by concept to lie flat and accessed in a horizontal mode, from 360 degrees, like sitting around a shared table, the new thinness and feedback from consumers like restaurants with space considerations has prompted some development in setting up the device in a wall mounted configuration, which requires new thinking on software and applications that have limited end user access demands.  Anyway, we'll have to see if this develops eventually to the point where we see some FLGSs adding a Surface or two to their game room setups.

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