Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hordes of the Things - Turn Eleven Report

Well, turn eleven was resolved last Monday and I was in for a capitol battle, in my own homeland!  Fortunately, my opponent's ally messed up his turn order and the army I was to face was significantly under-strength to be taking me on, considering I had the addition of the capitol's militia and a fortress to increase my break point.  Due to this error, my opponent chose to fight another day and retreated from the battle, losing one of four field points in the process.  In another territory under contention, one of my allies and myself had a four to one battle from which the opponent also wisely retreated.

To top it all off, three other territories were taken, two close to home and another previously held and now mine again.  We, my alliance, managed to out maneuver our opponents in about four different locations, three of which were directly in my region.

Next turn is possibly the last.  The campaign is scheduled for at least twelve turns and after the twelfth, a die is cast to see if it continues for one more.  If so, that turn goes forward then another die is cast to see if a fourteenth turn is played, which is the ultimate limit for this campaign.  Our alliance currently sits in fourth place and might take third if our main opponents can be bested in the next turn or two, if we get that far.

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