Friday, July 10, 2015

Tabletopper Friday - Sleeve Sizes, D&D Tools, & 1E PHB PDF

Over on Facebook, someone recently Shared an image of a retailer guide to card sleeve sizing.  There is also an extensive thread on the subject over on Board Game Geek here.

Also, on Facebook, someone (I think the artists) Shared this excellent graphic showing the "Basic Tools Used in a Dungeons & Dragons Game."  My searching is not turning up anything definitive on the artist so if you know more, let me know as well.  The only Oryan I could find associated with D&D or RPGing runs a decent RPG and minis reselling website called Oryan's RPG Locker here.

Finally, on, Wizards of the Coast has made available a PDF of the D&D 1E Players Handbook here.  However, you might wish to read the thoughts on before purchasing this.  Learn more here.

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