Sunday, April 6, 2014

Intl TableTop Day in Southern Wisconsin

We started our Intl TableTop Day a bit early with some Friday gaming at Culver's.  There we played a couple of fast games of Love Letter with the lunchtime crew.  After that, we swept over to Ernie's place to play a game of Le Havre.  Come Saturday, it was off to the Monthly Burlington Gameday, two weeks early since we didn't want it to fall on Easter weekend and figured one more week forward to fall on this gaming holiday just made sense.

To warm up for Intl TableTop Day 2014, we opted to play a game of Le Havre 

Ernie was pleased we could come by to play

On Saturday at the Burlington Gameday, the first game played was good old Dungeon

Baron von Deekin broke out his Wings of Glory, Wings/Aces/Dawn/etc. mashup

Later, a game of Francis Drake was played

Someone photobombed the board closeup!

Perhaps the highlight for me was playing Search for the Emperor's Treasure, originally published in Dragon as designed by Tom Wham then sold later with other Dragon Mag games

Quite a nice logo and font

The rules were in good condition

As was the encounter booklet

This one was modified by Tom with ramdomized map hexes

Which we took turns placing

There was a handy hex legend

And it all featured Tom Wham characters

Some were modified further at some stage

It was a busy and fun event

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