Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Sunday Miscellanea - The Collector's Trove Auctions from the Roslofs, Sutherland, Arneson, and Ernie Gygax

There's a big auction currently in progress at The Collector's Trove with items finishing up today through Tuesday.  I see lots of art by Darlene and many curiosities dating back to the early 80s.  A few of those items featured include miniatures, TSR stationary and business cards, author's copies of many works, a third printing of (O)D&D,  a 1981 Larry Elmore Christmas card, a poster-sized piece of Erol Otus Art with 20 TSR Staff Autographs from 1981, and even a monogrammed d6 with Dave Arneson's initials.  See more here.

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