Saturday, January 31, 2015

Systems Saturday - WotC 5E Survey, Dungeon Crawl Checklist, Plus 'A Muse & a Maze'

The Escapist informs us this week that Wizards of the Coast has a new survey to get some new feedback on their Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and they give some idea of what is being asked in the survey questions.  Read more here.

Also, over on Gnome Stew, Matthew J. Neagley writes "The Dungeon Crawl Checklist."  It's his own way of approaching dungeon design and has some good ideas to adopt.  Read more here.

Finally, over on, Maria Popova writes about Peter Turchi's book A Muse & a Maze in her article "The Psychology of Flow: What Game Design Reveals about the Deliberate Tensions of Great Writing" which can give some insight into how things work the other way around as well.  Find out more here.

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