Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Essay on the Wargaming Industry

There are a couple of particularly interesting essays on the history of the wargaming industry, and the tabltop gaming industry in general, that give some details about our hobby that many will find fascinating.  I know I did, even though much of what is in them was familiar to me.  I think having those details put into context helped me take a new look at how things have unfolded in a new light.  So check out "The Fall of Avalon Hill" from Peter L. de Rosa (written in the late Nineties) and "SPI Died for your Sins" from Greg Costikyan (written in 1996).  Both very good reads.


scottsz said...

Both of those should be required reading...

Here are links:

1. The Fall of Avalon Hill

2. SPI Died For Your Sins

Mark CMG Clover said...

Indeed and thanks! I'm not sure why the links didn't take the first time but I've added them to the blog post above as well.