Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wild West Campaign at Games Plus

The most excellent Jeff Swegler is starting up a Wild West campaign over at Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL, and I'm looking at putting together a Lawmen faction.  We'll be using the Warhammer Historical Wargames Ltd rules Legends of the Old West.  After a little practice round the other night, I realized I needed a little more diversity, so aside from fielding a Sheriff and a couple of Deputies, I trimmed down the weaponry so I could add a member of the citizenry to the mix, though I might even add a few more once I get a little further in the campaign (IF I get further!) and have a bit more money to spend.  I'm currently using some figures from the grab-a-few box, though I plan to get some of my own and paint them up.  I did, however, pick up a citizen in the form of a Reaper Chronoscope 50155 "Mickey O'Doul, Wild West Bartender" which I think looks pretty cool.  Here's a photo of the rule books, the new figure, and some shots from the practice round we all got to play the other night.  Incidentally, I ran across some good links for minis and scenery over on that were helpful to me in my surfing.  Enjoy!

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