Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rigged Dice for Fun, NOT Profit!

I don't condone the use of rigged dice but I remember a time in the Eighties when one of our DMs used a d20 that was obviously weighted (albeit unintentionally) to TPK the party early and often.  At some point, some of our player group discussed what to do about it and one enterprising fellow purchased an identical d20 and made some modifications to it in his workshop.  His work was so excellent it could only be discerned as different under very close examination.  When it happened that we had a game night on April 1st, we made the switch.  It was a glorious night for the player characters, every one of us survived, and it was amazing how many enemies were downed by unfortunate rolls on the DM's rather severe fumble charts.  Huzzah!

"Congratulations!  Bask in your new-found knowledge.  Live long and prosper."  That part made the whole video worth it for me.  I hope no one feels they've been Rig-Rolled.

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