Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hot Wire Foam Cutter Info (.com) Update & TerranScapes

Carlo put together his Fall update and it includes a lot more on terrain than just for foam terrain makers.  I'm having trouble linking this in the usual maner but it can be found here.  Also, from TerranScapes on YouTube, I thought this video might be of general interest to Hot Wire Foam Factory fans since it is a review (but subscribe to TerranScapes, too!) and I have added a few follow up reviews here that they have done -


TerranScapes said...

Thanks for linking to my videos. I have another Hot Wire Foam Factory Tool review coming out very soon. :)

Mark CMG Clover said...

Thanks for making them, and making them so well. After I get beyond the next splash of releases, I intend to knock out some new terrain pieces (before winter) and will post some pictures (though I doubt I will make videos, except maybe of the pics).