Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miniature Market Mega-Sale

Miniature Market (at is moving in March, so they are having a huge sale on over 400 items in an attempt to clear out some stuff in their warehouse.  Seems as good a reason as any for gamers to grab some cool stuff at great prices.

Be quick, though, as they have limited quantities of these goods (which are mentioned on each item's individual page).  Some of the highlights that personally tempt me include:

By way of miniatures, a few I noted were a couple of Bones from Reaper, the Fire Dragon and the Jabberwock.  Also, from Wargames Factory, there is the Myths & Legends - Orc Warriors box of 24 figures.

From Portable Warfare there is the Sergeant - Ion Blue storage tote (no foam inserts included).

From Paizo Publishing, there are three of their Game Mastery Map Packs: Sewer System, Army Camp, and Dungeon Corridors.

Further, there are a lot of board games of which I mention four here, all with a 6.66 or higher average rating on Board Game Geek.

First, Upon a Salty Ocean (2011), from Rio Grande Games, a game which has 2 to 4 players building a shipping empire in the 16th Century.  Read more about it on Board Game Geek here!

Second, from AEG, Mercante (2102), 3 to 5 players control merchant houses while they try to claw their way to the top in this game of economic warfare.  Read more about it on Board Game Geek here!

Next, there is Tsuro of the Seas (2012) from Calliope Games, which plays much like its predecessor Tsuro but adds fresh artwork and some new twists.  Read more about it on Board Game Geek here!

Finally, Valdora (2009), the middle of the Gold Trilogy of games from Rio Grande Games, which has 3 to 5 players act as adventurers seeking fame, fortune, and riches in a hidden valley.  Read more about it on Board Game Geek here!

So check things out and see if there are some things you'd like to pick up for yourself or someone gamer-valentine before the middle of February.

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