Friday, March 22, 2013

Barbarian Kings at Games Plus

Our weekly group recently broke out the old classic, Barbarian Kings from ARES #3, then SPI, then Jolly Roger Games (the version we had).  Here's some pictures and information regarding the event and the game.

Originally from ARES #3 (magazine) and then from SPI in 1980, we played with the newer version from Jolly Roger Games, reprinted in 2001. There are two maps (well, one double-sided map), one from the PBEM version (not pictured) and the original (shown here)l. A solid map on heavy stock paper.

There were some production flaws with this game including not having stickers for the King, Heroes, and Wizards, but I fashioned some based off the old counters from pictures on Board Game Geek.

I toyed around with creating some player boards just to have easier Treasury Trackers, but I also created some markers for each color since they also were missing from the reprint. I'm considering expanding this mat to include pictures of the troops types, a small version of the combat table, a terrain chart, and maybe some other bits. The markers I made just from printing rectangles of the colors and attaching them to both sides of some old Scrabble tiles from incomplete sets I pick up from time to time for a quarter of fifty cents at garage sales or thrift stores.

A copy of the original map, as a line drawing, was on BBG also, but it has the SPI versions of the names, so I think I might re-do that with the correct names as well as adding in some inkling of the terrain in the various provinces. While we tried using these for turn orders (movement is simultaneous) with wet erase markers, I think having small forms for movement would still work better (and we indeed reverted to that method while playing).

After a few turns, Red (Chris) and Yellow (Me) were clashing in the north while Pat held the center of the map and Floyd worked his magic in the south unopposed.

Chris contemplates a troop purchase while Floyd determines his chances of moving north for more conflict.

Pat has had a long day and looks ready to doze but we got some experience with the game and will definitely play it again with some added components to ease play at some point in the future.


Keith Sloan said...

I've had that game (SPI version) for a long time but have only played it once. It was pretty fun, but I think one of these days I am going to reprint the map as the included one is too small. I like some of these additions, as well, and might have to try them out too.

Mark CMG Clover said...

When I get them cleaned up, I'll have to remember to upload them to BBG, as long as they don't violate any rights or, if they do, with Greg C.'s permission.