Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nail Decals for Minis Says Doctor Faust

Over on ThePaintingClinic YouTube channel, Doctor Faust suggests grabbing standard water transfer decals that get used for finger (or toe) nails to decorate your miniatures.  Spoiler: They aren't all hearts, flowers, and rainbows.  Enjoy!

Note: The esteemed Doctor Faust has an update he is sharing around the web -
Not everything I say is 100% guaranteed to work. Take in point the recent video on nail decals. I ordered more from a few different eBay sellers. The ones I ordered from lstarstyle or Lucky Star Style are in fact printed on extremely thin clear plastic instead of standard decal paper, meaning they have a thick edge and don't bend around small folds. Fairly useless for minis. I admit I didn't buy samples from EVERY seller on eBay before making that video and I have no idea how common are these "plastic" decals. If you ordered decals from some random seller of off eBay and get these useless decals I apologize. I had no idea of their existence up until now. Buyer beware.

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