Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miniatures, Board Games, and Beyond with David R. Megarry

WotC has added a Gencon 2012 video to their YouTube channel showing off their new minis games as well as the October reprint of the Dungeon board game along with some insights from  David R. Megarry, the original designer of the 1975 version.  Dungeon Command starts the video off and I have demo-played that game.  If you think you'd like a hybrid of DDM, GW4E, and 4ED&D then you'd probably enjoy Dungeon Command.  The Dungeon board game portion of the video begins around 24:15 of the hour.  They show a graphic of the new card design at 34:20. Soon after that, they get back onto Dungeon Command because they are discussing things based on their release schedule.  Enjoy!

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